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DAO is stated in the little bowel. In a report performed of 45 individuals with a known heritage of sensitivity to meals and wine, this review team was put-on a histamine-foods-free diet which reduces, cheese, fish, tough cured sausages, pickled cabbage and alcohol consumption. Eight had complete remission. Some females notice a remission of their allergic symptoms during pregnancy. Infact, quantities are known to be about 500 times greater in pregnancy. DAO prevents the absorption of polyamines and histamine via swallowed food and intestinal bacteria. It’s the bodys a reaction to the histamine while in the food. Therefore, what occurs is a histamine poisoning because of the scarcity of DAO to break down the histamine. Furthermore, data implies that lowered DAO during pregnancy leads to maternity difficulties including diabetes, endangered and missed abortion and trophoblastic disorders.

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This means it’s a chance that females, who’ve had recurrent miscarriages along with an apparent sensitivity to meals during these pregnancies, may have had a lowered DAO. Diamine oxidase is constantly released from the intestinal mucosa and maintained to the circulation from the lymphatics. At the moment, there’s no treatment for reduced diamine oxidase DAO. It has been found that heparin significantly boosts DAO action within the lymph fluid and lcd while essential olive oil was discovered to improve abdominal lymph DAO. During a histamine allergic reaction, an antihistamine hasbeen known to remedy the reaction. In case you suppose a diamine oxidase deficiency, consult your physician quickly.

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